Cameron La Brie

 EMC Candidate                                                                                    Height: 5’ 10” / Weight: 170

 Voice: Operatic Baritone / D2 - B♭4                                                     Hair: Blonde / Eyes: Blue



FIORELLO!                                         Ensemble                                               42nd Street Moon

CABARET                                           Emcee                                                                    Stars 2000

SOUTHERN LIGHTS                         Lonn McGee/Cash Callender                   3Girls Theatre

BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE          Aggie                                                       42nd Street Moon

THE STAGE MANAGER                    Brad                                 Exit Theatre SF Fringe Festival 

THE FANTASTICKS                           Matt (the Boy)                     Landmark Musical Theatre

SATURDAY NIGHT                           Bobby                                                     42nd Street Moon

CABARET                                           Emcee                                    Contra Costa Civic Theatre

HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL              Preppy Stud                                BareStage Productions

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST               Beast/Gaston U/S (perf.)                Berkeley Playhouse

THE LITTLE MERMAID                     Ensemble                                           Berkeley Playhouse

THE ADDAMS FAMILY                     Ancestor                                            Berkeley Playhouse

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW          Phantom                                                          Ray of Light

RENT                                                  Angel Dumott Schunard                                   C.L.O.T.A

ALL SHOOK UP                                Chad                                                                              PPAC


 THE HENRY RIOS PODCAST           Hugh Paris                                                     Persigo Press


ACTING                                           Lura Dolas                                                        UC Berkeley

                                                         Chris Herold                                                     UC Berkeley

        VOCAL                                             David Hodgson                           Ridgecrest Opera Guild        

DANCE                                             Sally Miramon                          Alonzo King Lines Ballet

                                                          Sam Weber                                                                      ODC


Strong Low Notes to B1; Strong Falsetto to G5; Clarinet; Can Read Music; Can Sight Read; Drag Performance; Makeup Artist; Black Belt in Taekwondo; Commedia dell’Arte; Tumbling; Cartwheel; Round Off; Single/Double Toe-touch; Somersault; Stage Combat; Experienced in Learning Multiple Tracks; Experienced in Quick Learning Accents; Soccer; Tennis; Valid CA Drivers License, Can Drive Stick Shift, Valid US Passport; Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science